Friday, May 11, 2012

Next week I'll be cooking from the "Gourmet Garden"

Keep an eye out for recipes on my blog next week. I've entered myself into the "Gourmet Garden" Blog Off / Cook Off competition.

From the Gourmet Garden website:

In the mid 1990s two scientists were not satisfied with the short season for fresh herbs and the flavour of dry herbs. This created the path for the pair to discover a unique process to capture and store fresh chopped herbs and spices under refrigeration. Their vision lay in using the antioxidant and antimicrobial qualities of herbs and spices so they could be packaged fresh, without cooking or dying procedures. This would ensure the best possible fresh flavour and aroma, with the highest value of nutrients.
In 1998, in the relaxed surroundings of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the Botanical Food Company began commercialising the patented process to ensure the herbs are picked when the antioxidants and natural essential oils are at their peak which maximise the herbs fresh flavour and aroma.

Launched in 1999, Gourmet Garden has managed to grow from a small, privately owned company proving success on Australian shores, to a now burgeoning global success story. The company now exports to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand and Asia with great success and further international markets are currently being planned.

The Blog Off/ Cook Off involves 3 stages with awesome benefits including a chance to cook off at the Good Food and Wine Shows, a fully funded trip for 9 bloggers to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, a video production of a demonstration you can use on your site and exposure 50,000 members on the Herb eCooking School database. Additionally, Australia’s Best Blogger-come-Chef will win $2000 cold hard cash and a $5000 12-month ambassador partnership with Gourmet Garden.

Herbs received are garlic, basil, thyme, hot chilli, Thai blend and coriander. Wish me luck!



  1. this is REALLY EXCITING!!!! best of luck!
    sounds like a wonderful product. i don't know that i can get this brand in helsinki, but i will watch for it and give it a try.
    have a great day! xo tracie

  2. Good luck, Anne! I can't wait to see your creation!


  3. How super fun! Good luck Anne and I look forward to seeing your recipes!

  4. I do. I wish you not luck because you won't need that but I wish you calmness and focus on the day... I love this product. xo

  5. How wonderful. I just found your blog through Nann's table. Pod luck with the cook-off

  6. Good luck and have fun. If only I liked to cook....

  7. All the love and luck Anne. I've recently, in the last few months, started getting into using these selections. Very interested to see what you have on show for us. X

  8. Lovely Anne, I will look forward to seeing your recipe. You're very bold! I saw that but am so very not a confident cook... but learning as I go and loving getting ideas and inspiration from lovely blogs like yours.

  9. Good luck Anne!

    From Team Anne!! xx


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