Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Are you in2CRICKET?

Cricket to Australia is like baseball is to America. It's most Australian's favourite summer sport and I love it. I used to play a ladies version of it when I was younger for many years as well as indoor cricket and even had a season of full on men's cricket (played by ladies) in my early twenties. My family was fortunate enough to be invited to a picnic at Allan Border fields just recently to experience the junior version of cricket called "in2CRICKET".

Members from Queensland Cricket were on hand to teach the kids the basics of the game from throwing, catching and hitting the ball. Some may say cricket is as boring as watching paint dry but I think there's a lot more to it than that. I think it teaches children a lot of skill. Besides the basic catching and throwing there is the technique of bowling, the batting, learning patience and teamwork and how to play an attacking game as well as learning to play defensively.

Women's cricket has come a long way since I played it all those years ago but still has a long way to go before it ever gets the same publicity as men's cricket in the world. Hopefully with the in2CRICKET program being introduced through schools, it just might open up a whole new generation of would be women cricketers. I know my son is keen to learn more. I just hope my daughter might like it as I did.

We attended the cricket clinic with a whole bunch of other Queensland bloggers on a particularly hot October Sunday. We enjoyed cold drinks, sandwiches, cakes etc and lovely company before the kids headed off to the Southbank swimming beach to cool off. If you're thinking of getting your children into a sport, get them into cricket. It's an Australian institution.

To find out more about the game of cricket, click here and the in2CRICKET program, here.

* This is not a sponsored post. We did enjoy a no cost session of in2CRICKET as part of the PANDA (Post and Ante Natal Depression Association) Black & White Family Day.



  1. I've never seen a cricket game and this looks like such a wonderful sport. You Aussies are incredible sportsman too. Your kids sure are cute. It looks like everyone had a fabulous time. What a fun fun event to take the family too. If I were there I'd have gone with you. It would be delightful to learn about and watch this GREAT Sport that all you Australians love!!


  2. I've never seen a cricket game before. It looks like you had a fun day!

  3. Cricket is definitely a new sport to me but it looks like it's a blast! :D

  4. Well, Anne ... you and I might have a problem during the {international} season ! An Aussie and a South-African - - - oh, jeepers ;-) Just joking, after Rugby, Cricket is my game!! Love Love It ... after a few decades I even get my husband to watch a game or two with me. My brother might even have taken his daughters to this same clinic you went to, although the last I heard his 12 year old was into water-polo. {but he is a big cricket fan, not sure who he is supporting now - maybe SA or maybe AUS!}

  5. Looks like you all had a terrific day!
    PS... That Christmas count down widget is freaking me out!!! lol

  6. Looks like you had a great day. Our whole family (well all three of us) follow cricket. A played when he was at school but we have always followed all forms of the game - it really is great.
    Have the best day !
    #IBOT visitor

  7. My oldest son played cricket for 3 seasons I think from about 8yrs old . It was fun to watch.
    A great day your family enjoyed too.

  8. I love cricket! Not enough to play it myself, although I do love a game of backyard cricket, but I love to go to games and watch it on tv. I am gonna be so sad when Richie stops commentating as there is nothing better than lying on the lounge on a hot summers day dozing in and out of sleep to the dulcet tones of his voice and opening the eyes at the call of "Howzat!"

  9. We will be participating when it starts up soon here in Tassie. Hopefully at least 2/4 of the boys will give it a go.

  10. I am a bit of a cricket fan as well, though only ever as a spectator. Our cricket season has just wrapped up actually, they play in winter locally because summer is too hot!

    fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #TEAMIBOT

  11. Yeah, I hate cricket. I just find it so boring. Sorry.
    I don't mind the 20/20 matches cause they are a little bit faster, but the tests are a snooze fest. My whole family wonders where on earth I came from, cause they are cricket fanatics!

  12. I am like Jess when it comes to cricket for myself but my first experience with in2Cricket totally changed my opinion on it - it's a great, family friendly program and I will absolutely be looking into it when my kids are a bit older!! So glad you and yours enjoyed it. xx

  13. I totally hate cricket. But I've heard so many good things about in2cricket that we might have to check it out. for the kids. one day. Gotta do something in Rugby's off season eh?


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